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    Full Moon eclipse in soulful watery Scorpio tonight!

    Full Moon eclipse in soulful watery Scorpio tonight!

    A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the moon and the sun, and there are many traditional interpretations of this as well. Some cultures see eclipses as “bad omens” while others see them as harbingers of transformation. Many indigenous cultural practices respect eclipses as a time to be still and pray, in honor of the cycle of death and rebirth. It’s a portal to a new version of reality on earth! 


    If you’re like me, you love watching eclipses as they happen. I enjoy watching the sun and moon rise and set on a normal day or night, so watching an eclipse feels special, potent and magical. However, I don’t practice magic or ritual in the actual moment of a lunar eclipse. I like to stay home, rest in silence or prayer, and open myself to any divine insight that might show up while I feel the eclipse energy! 


    I’m not a fan or dogma or superstition, so despite many traditional fears of eclipses, I believe you should do what feels right for you! Just know, most cultures see eclipses as portals for death & rebirth. Sometimes it’s best to just be present instead of trying to manifest your will into reality. Sometimes, it’s best to just rest and receive! 


    Here are the times when the full moon will be in “total eclipse” also known as “totality” when the moon is fully eclipsed by the earth. 


    PST - The full lunar eclipse is tonight, May 15 from 8:29 pm - 9:53 pm

    EST - The full lunar eclipse is late tonight, May 15, 11:29 pm - 12:53 am

    UTC - The full lunar eclipse is early on May 16, from 3:29 am - 4:53 am Those are some early wee hours of the morning! 


    Want to add some journaling to your full moon lunar eclipse mediation tonight? Here are my full moon journal prompts for you to enjoy. As always, answer the questions that resonate most with you.


    🌀 What intention or seeds did I plant for the new moon in Scorpio on November 4, 2021? 


    🌀 In what ways have my intention blossomed? What am I ready to celebrate?


    🌀 What am I feeling grateful for? What’s been most supportive of my process? 


    🌀 In what ways do I feel stuck or unfulfilled right now? What’s holding me back? 


    🌀 What judgements do I hold around my journey over the past 6 moons? 


    🌀 What kind of learning and growth have I experienced? 


    🌀 How has my intention shifted? What do I want now, and why is that important to me? 


    🌀 What am I ready to let go of to allow for what I truly desire? What’s no longer serving me? 


    Full moons can feel intense or emotional - just let it all flow through you into the earth. Notice the energy and emotions that come up, and give yourself time and space to integrate all that in your body.


    Lots of potent shifts can occur in your life in the 2 weeks before and after an eclipse season. Notice the ways your life is shifting, possibly in some unexpected ways, and find your next best step forward in full trust of your destiny path. Give thanks for all that serves you, and let go of any story, pattern or situation that no longer serves you. You deserve to live the life you want! So choose your stories with care, because they are the foundation for how you create your reality. 


    Blessing on your full moon eclipse mediation and journaling! Sending you so much love and gratitude as always, 

    Lauren Ruth