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    Haven't set your new years resolutions yet?

    Haven't set your new years resolutions yet?

    Maybe there's a reason for that! Here's why I don’t set my New Year's resolutions right on January 1st...

    The start of a new calendar year can feel like a chance for a fresh start, the opportunity to set goals, commit to better habits, and claim our intentions for the coming year. This year, with a new moon in Capricorn on January 2, the pull to set lofty goals right away is undeniable! 

    The question I have for you is this - have you taken the time to explore and integrate all your learning and growth from 2021? Have you harvested your wisdom from the past year, to nourish the seeds of intention you are planting for the new year? Please, don’t skip this crucial step! 

    The end of a calendar year and the start of a new one is similar to the end and beginning of a moon cycle, which is the dark moon or new moon. This is the moment of fertile darkness to center in the present moment, release the past and make space for the mystery of the future.  

    If you haven't set your intentions for the new year yet, it’s totally ok. Maybe you just need to take some time to put the memories of 2021 to rest, so you can feel more clear and inspired about your vision for life in 2022. No need to rush yourself, your vision for the new year is worth it!

    This is why I don't set my intentions for the new year right on January 1st (or right on the exact day of the new moon). Most years I review and integrate the past year from winter solstice to New Year's Eve, and then allow my new intentions to emerge in the first weeks of January.

    Wishing you all clarity as the light returns for the new year! 


    Lauren Ruth 

    PS Have you ever tried using a year at a glance calendar for planning out your year? I know we all have a digital calendar these days, but having a physical, paper calendar you can actually write on is so helpful. Being able to see the whole year, and all the moon phases, is the absolute best when it comes to making plans. What are you waiting for? My year at a glance 2022 lunar wall calendars are on sale, so go pick out the right size and timezone and order yours now!