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    How the first full moon of 2022 links to last summer....

    How the first full moon of 2022 links to last summer....

    Today’s full moon in Cancer marks the first full moon of the new year. This full moon in cancer corresponds to the new moon in cancer on July 9, 2021. With Mercury now in retrograde, this is a powerful opportunity to reflect on the larger moon cycle and clarify your intentions for 2022 🌝


    Every full moon is linked to a new moon that occurred in the same sign 6 moons earlier. The full moon is a time of blossoming, when the seeds you planted six moons ago come to fullness and you can see them taking shape. This is a great time to harvest lessons, give thanks for all that has come to be, and let go of anything you don’t need anymore. 


    Haven't seen your intentions from the last new moon in cancer manifest yet? Stay open to receive, visualize what you wish for and give thanks as if it’s already happening. The next two weeks following this full moon in Cancer may illuminate and manifest what you truly desire. 


    Here are some journal prompts to help you make the most of this full moon energy:


    ✨ What was my seed of intention on or around the new moon in Cancer on July 9th, 2021?


    ✨ In what ways have my intention come to be over time? What am I ready to celebrate?


    ✨ In what ways do I feel stuck or unfulfilled? What’s holding me back? 


    ✨ What judgement do I hold around my journey with this intention over the past 6 moons? 


    ✨ What learning and growth have I experienced in relationship to this intention? 


    ✨ How has my intention shifted? What do I want now, and why is that important to me? 


    ✨ What am I ready to let go of to allow for what I truly desire? What is no longer serving me? 

    Blessings on your full moon reflections! May all that you need & desire be illuminated 🙏🏽

    Lauren Ruth

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