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    Journal Prompts For The Full Moon In Leo

    Journal Prompts For The Full Moon In Leo

    Full Moons are a culmination of energy. 

    Today’s full moon in fire sign Leo brings a turning point in a cycle that began August 8, 2021 with the new moon in Leo. 

    Every full moon is linked to a new moon that occurred in the same sign 6 moons earlier. The full moon is a time of blossoming, when the seeds you planted for the corresponding new moon six moons ago come to fullness and you can see them taking shape. This is a great time to harvest lessons, give thanks for all that has unfolded, and let go of anything you don’t need to hold onto anymore. 

    After the full moon, the moon in Leo will become smaller each cycle, until it is new in Leo again. Think of it like climbing a mountain - the new moon is the start of the climb, the full moon is when you reach the top, and then you descend the mountain again until the next new moon in that same astrological sign. It helps to remind us that big dreams take big energy to manifest, and witnessing yourself over the course of a year can help you get the most out of your personal growth work and goal setting practice. 

    Haven't seen your intentions from the new moon in Leo manifest? Stay open to receiving, visualize what you wish for and give thanks as if it’s already happening. The next two weeks following this full moon in Leo may illuminate the truth of what you really need or desire. 

    Here are some journal prompts to help you make the most of this full moon in Leo:


    🔥 What was your intention for the new moon in Leo, on August 8, 2021?

    🔥 How has your intention blossomed? What are you ready to celebrate?

    🔥 What are you grateful for? What has been supportive of your intention? 

    🔥 In what ways do you feel stuck or unfulfilled regarding this intention? What’s holding you back? 

    🔥 What judgement do you hold around your journey with this intention? 

    🔥 What kind of learning and growth have you experienced in relation to this intention? 

    🔥 How has your intention shifted? What do you want now, and why is that important to you? 

    🔥 What are you ready to let go of to allow for what you truly desire? What is no longer serving you? 

    Wishing you an illuminating reflection!
    Lauren Ruth

    PS. It can also really help you to know what house Leo rules in your birth chart. This will give you deeper insight into what this moon means for you as an individual. Go check your birth chart now, so you know!