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    Journal prompts for the new moon in Aries

    Journal prompts for the new moon in Aries

    Today’s new moon in fire sign Aries brings a fresh start within a new beginning!


    Early spring is a natural time for new beginnings - the days get warmer and longer, and all the plants are busy sprouting and growing. The air is filled with the smell of flowers blooming and the hum of bees buzzing. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? Aries season is also an annual fresh start - as the first sign in the wheel of the zodiac, Aries season marks the start of a new astrological year. 


    Today, the sun and the moon are both in bold, audacious Aries. The Aries new moon is about starting a new adventure, taking risks and being brave! What do you passionately want to create in your life this year? What are you willing to be brave for and take risks in order to manifest? Harness the magic of Aries fire and spring time growth to energize your new moon intentions! 


    Each new moon is the start of both a shorter lunar cycle, which lasts about 29 days, and a longer lunar cycle, which lasts a full year. In the shorter cycle, the moon waxes to fullness and then wanes to new again in 29 days. In the longer lunar cycle, this new moon in Aries today will grow into the full moon in Aries on October 9, 2022, before cycling all the way back to the new moon in Aries next spring. This gives us one full year to learn and grow with our intentions!


    When it comes to setting new moon intentions, consider what you want to experience one year from now - what is your one big, bold, audacious goal? Imagine what you’d like to experience - how does it feel? What does it look like? Then clarify your vision into an intention. For this new moon, once you clarify and set your intention, write down some action steps that will help you to create what you want. Then take action in the shorter lunar cycle to help manifest your vision! 

    This time of year, I love planting seeds as my new moon ritual - infuse the seeds with your new moon intention, and then plant them in the earth and watch them grow! As the wheel of the year turns, be patient and keep showing up for the learning and growth that comes as you manifest your new moon intention - it’s all a part of the process of creating what you envision! Your desires are sacred, they are guiding you to live out your destiny to the fullest. Trust that the magic of the moon will guide you in manifesting what you truly desire to experience in life. 

    Each new moon is the end of one cycle and the start of another. Please let these journal prompts guide you to integrate and release the past, then clarify your vision and set your intentions for the new moon. As with everything, do what calls to you and leave the rest. 

    🔥 Is there anything that happened in the past that you’re still feeling stuck, hurt or angry about? 

    🔥  Are there any feelings or needs that long to be seen, heard and understood by you now? 

    🔥  Where do these feelings live in your body? How can you hold them with compassion? 

    🔥  Are there any stories, beliefs, expectations, or patterns that you’re ready to let go of?

    🔥  Is there anyone or anything you’re ready to forgive? 

    OK, now it’s time to integrate. Take sweet care of yourself! Take a bath, go for a walk, talk to a friend or have a good cry. Burn the paper you wrote on. Whatever helps you process and let go. 

    Whew! Good job! Now that you’ve integrated more of the past, you’ve created space inside yourself for something new. Doesn’t it feel good to begin a new lunar cycle with a fresh start? 

    Now it’s time to clarify your new intentions. Imagine, you can wave a magic wand and create your ideal life 6 moons from now...

    🔥  What do you see happening around you? What does your ideal future reality look like? 

    what does it feel like to experience this? How does it feel in your body? How do you want to feel? 

    🔥  When you imagine your ideal future, what stands out and makes it come alive for you? 

    What is the ONE thing that will help you the most in creating this vision of your future life? 

    Turn that one thing into an intention for yourself. Plant the seeds! Create an I AM or I CHOOSE statement for it.

    Now write your I AM or I CHOOSE intention statement down and put it somewhere you will see it every day - on your altar, your bathroom mirror or fridge, etc. You can also use an image that symbolizes the feeling behind your intention. Every day this moon cycle, energize your intention and imagine how good it will feel when you are experiencing your desire manifested in reality.  

    Blessings on your new moon intentions! 
    Lauren Ruth