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    Journal Prompts for the New Moon in Pisces

    Journal Prompts for the New Moon in Pisces

    Ever wonder the best way to set intentions for the new moon? I’ll let you in on a secret - the new moon is both the end of one lunar cycle, and the start of another. So, it’s important to honor the past and let it go first, to make space for what you want to create in this new cycle. 

    Here are some journal prompts to help you embrace the fertile darkness of this time, and let go of anything you no longer need. As you journal, you may want to burn some sage or essential oils. Breathe deeply, and really let yourself feel the feelings in your body. Let these questions guide you…

    • Is there anything that happened in the past that you’re still feeling stuck, hurt or angry about? Anything holding you back? 

    • Are there any feelings or needs that long to be seen, heard and understood? What part of you requires your attention?

    • Where do these feelings live in your body? How can you hold them with compassion? Can you make space for this to be OK? 

    • Are there any stories, beliefs, expectations, or patterns that you are ready to let go of? What is no longer serving you now? 

    • Is there anything from the past you’re ready to forgive? Are you ready to forgive yourself or someone else for past experiences? 

    OK, now it’s time to integrate. Take sweet care of yourself! Take a bath, go for a walk, talk to a friend or have a good cry. Burn the paper you wrote on, or keep it in your journal. Whatever helps you process this and let it all go. 

    Whew! That was a lot! Good job letting go. As you integrated the past, you’ve created space inside yourself for something new. Doesn’t it feel good to begin a new lunar cycle with a fresh start?!? 

    Now it's time to clarify your intentions. Sometimes it helps to wait a day or so after letting go before diving into your intentions for the new cycle. When it comes time to journal about your intentions, do whatever gets you into a creative space - good music, herbal tea, time in nature, etc. 

    This new moon in Pisces corresponds with the full moon in Pisces on September 10, 2022. New moon intentions will come to fullness over the next 6 moons in the larger lunar cycle. Ready to set some intentions? 

    Imagine you can wave a magic wand and create your ideal life 6 months from today - what does your life look like? How do you feel? Really go deep as you explore this vision of your life, and notice any intuitive insights that emerge. 

    • When you imagine your dream life 6 months from now, what stands out to you? What is different from today, and what's stayed the same?  

    • What are some new beliefs or stories that will help you to create this vision? These can replace any old stories/beliefs you’re letting go of.

    • Dig deeper into your imagination and really go into this future vision - what does it feel like to experience your desires already manifested? 

    • What is the shift that will help you the most in creating this vision of your life? What is the key to manifesting the experience you desire? 

    Turn that one thing into an intention for yourself. Create an I AM or I CHOOSE statement for it. For example, I AM confidently sharing my message and my gifts consistently online, or I CHOOSE a location independent career. 

    Now write your I AM or I CHOOSE intention statement down and put it somewhere you will see it every day - on your altar, your bathroom mirror, etc. Every day this moon cycle, energize your intention and imagine how good it will feel when you are experiencing your desire manifested in reality. Find your gratitude for having what you desire, as if it has already happened! 

    Another tool that will help you supercharge your moon manifestation is to choose an image that helps you anchor in your feeling of what you desire. Go back to the vision you imagined of your ideal life or what you are calling in. Drop into the feeling of that experience - the feeling is what you really want! Then, ask your intuition to give you an image that represent that feeling. It doesn't need to be logically related to your desire, it just needs to remind you of the feeling you have when imagining your desires already manifested! 

    As we move through the moon cycle this month, remind yourself of this feeling each day. Your image and statement can help you remember! You can even post a picture of your anchor image next to your statement at home. Anytime you start to fear your dreams aren’t going to manifest, just use your image and statement to help you get back into the feeling of what you want! 

    Blessings on this new lunar cycle! 

    May all your dreams manifest in divine perfection and timing 


    Lauren Ruth