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    Journal Prompts for the Full Moon in Virgo

    Journal Prompts for the Full Moon in Virgo

    Is your heart or mind feeling extra full today?

    Is there a turning point or a crossroads coming to light in your life? Each full moon is an apex in the lunar cycle, a blossoming and a fullness. 


    Today’s full moon in earthy Virgo corresponds to the new moon in Virgo on September 6, 2021. What seeds of intention did you plant around that new moon? What questions were you asking? This full moon in Virgo brings all your intentions and answers to light, if you’re open to receive. 


    While it’s lovely to set intentions on the new moon and see what comes to fullness by the full moon 2 weeks later, a larger cycle of growth also takes place in the longer lunar cycle. This is the way of nature - everything grows and ripens in its proper season, new creations take time! 


    Tracking your new moon intentions with the longer lunar cycle can be a source of deep insight and a catalyst for personal growth. This full moon in Virgo is a potent time for witnessing and celebrating how your new moon intentions have come to fullness over the past 6 moons. 


    It’s also a good time to honor your truth and notice - what’s in alignment with your highest good now, and what are you ready to let go of? There is no end to the cycle of growth and creation, all things in nature grow to a place of fullness and then cycle back into the place of beginnings.  


    With the first day of spring officially arriving this Sunday, March 20, today’s full moon is an opportunity to fully integrate the learning and gifts from the past Autumn and Winter seasons. Celebrate and honor everything! Because all of life happens FOR you, not TO you, dear one.  


    Here are some full moon journal prompts, to help you celebrate and integrate ALL the gifts. Let journaling be a part of your full moon ritual, and let whichever questions you prefer guide you:


    🌀 What intention or seeds did you plant for the new moon in Virgo September 6, 2021?


    🌀 In what ways have your intention blossomed? What are you ready to celebrate?


    🌀 What am you feeling grateful for? What’s been most supportive of your intention? 


    🌀 In what ways do you feel stuck or unfulfilled regarding this intention? What’s holding you back? 


    🌀 What judgements do you hold around your journey with this intention over the past 6 moons? 


    🌀 What kind of learning and growth have you experienced in relation to this intention? 


    🌀 How has your intention shifted? What do you want now, and why is that important to you? 


    🌀 What are you ready to let go of to allow for what you truly desire? What’s no longer serving you? 


    Full moons can feel intense or emotional - just let it all flow through you into the earth. Notice the energy and emotions that come up, and give yourself time and space to integrate with music, dance, prayer, exercise, time in nature, a hot bath, whatever works best for you! 


    Blessings on your full moon reflection!



    Lauren Ruth