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    My favorite New Moon ritual of the year!

    My favorite New Moon ritual of the year!

    Here we are at the end of one lunar cycle, and the beginning of a new one. Are you ready to integrate the past and set intentions for this new lunar cycle? If so, read on to find my journal prompts for this new moon, and my favorite intention setting ritual of the year! 

    To start with, here are my journal prompts to help you heal and prepare for a new cycle:

    🌸 Is there anything that happened in the past that you’re still feeling stuck, hurt or angry about? 

    🌸 Are there any feelings or needs that long to be seen, heard and understood by you now? 

    🌸 Where do these feelings live in your body? How can you hold them with compassion? 

    🌸 Are there any stories, beliefs, expectations, or patterns that you’re ready to let go of?

    🌸 Is there anyone or anything you’re ready to forgive? What do you need to forgive? 

    OK, now it’s time to integrate. Give your body and heart permission to digest and integrate! It can help to move your body with a walk, a dance, a song, time in nature, a bath, or a good cry, 

    Whew! Good job! Now that you’ve integrated more of the past, you’ve created space inside yourself for something new. Doesn’t it feel good to begin a new lunar cycle with a fresh start? 

    Each new moon is the start of both a shorter lunar cycle, which lasts about 29 days, and a longer lunar cycle, which lasts a full year. Consider what you want to experience in the next month, but especially what you want in one year - what is your big, bold, audacious goal? 

    When you imagine your ideal future, what specific things make it come alive for you? What do you see around you? How does it feel in your body? What is special about this experience? 

    Once you’ve clarified your intentions, try my favorite intention setting ritual - planting seeds! 

    Reaching goals and manifesting intentions is a lot like growing from seeds, and here’s why:

    When you decide what you want to manifest, or you set a goal, you may be doing this in contrast to what you’re currently experiencing. This contrast is your old story, and it can be composted and integrated into the ground, becoming fertile soil for your new goal or intention. 

    Your idea of what you want to experience is like a seed - your goal or intention may not be your reality yet, but in that tiny seed is the start of something wonderful! You know what you want, and like a living seed, you trust that it will grow in time if you give it the right nourishment. 

    So, you plant your chosen seed in fertile soil, and you nurture it with water and warmth, and you wait patiently for it to grow. But you don’t really know what’s going to happen, until one day… there it is! A tiny miracle sprouting in the world! You see the start of your vision, coming alive! 

    Over time, your seed sprout continues on to become a growing plant, which thrives when it gets the care that it needs. It grows bigger and bolder each day, soaking up the light and water and nourishment you give it. Eventually, it fills the space you made for it in the garden of your life!

    One day, it starts to form flower buds and then the flowers blossom… you find deeper levels of gratitude and fulfillment as you watch your vision unfold. Eventually, you harvest the lessons from this season of growth, and more seeds for the next season of manifestation in your life. 

    Imagine what would happen if you expected your seeds to grow without fertile soil, consistent water, sunlight, or patience? This is what it’s like to set goals and intentions without giving yourself the time, space or support you need to manifest your intentions and reach your goals.

    This cycle, be sure to give yourself the fertile soil you need by integrating the past with self-care, forgiveness and acceptance. Then care for your intentions as if they were a living seed! Your desires are sacred, they are guiding you to follow your destiny. Take heart and have faith! 

    Happy composting and planting, beautiful! 

    Blessings on your New Moon Intentions,


    Lauren Ruth