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    Stressing about mercury retrograde? Here's the secret to an easy Mercury Rx

    Stressing about mercury retrograde? Here's the secret to an easy Mercury Rx

    Mercury Retrograde…. It happens a few times a year and has a bad rep as a time when everything goes wrong. But mercury Rx isn’t all bad! In a culture that’s obsessed with constantly going, doing and rushing ahead at a frantic pace, mercury Rx gives us a welcome rest period. 

    This is a time when the pieces of our lives can come a little unglued, and it’s easier to see the opportunities to rearrange your life. Think of it as cosmic permission to review, reflect and do pretty much anything that starts with the letters “RE” - repair, reorganize, reconnect, etc. 

    Reconsider your goals. Reassess your priorities. Revisit your power places. Revitalize your gratitude. Remember what lights you up. Reconnect with people from your past. Redefine what success means to you. Renew your connections. Recover from the stress of the past year! 

    Mercury is now retrograde in Aquarius, from Jan. 14 - Feb 3, 2022. Does this mean you should put your life on hold for 3 weeks? Not at all! Here’s how you can handle Mercury Rx with grace.

    Back up your devices and secure your data.

    Confirm all travel details and allow for extra time.

    Double check all texts and emails before you send them. 

    Consider the consequence of your words before you speak.

    Put off making big decisions or plans when at all possible. 

    Avoid starting new projects and signing new contracts. 

    This is an excellent time to finish old projects, tie up loose ends, reach out and connect with old friends and allies, and generally get caught up with your physical and psychic reality. This is a RESET! 

    Most of all, this is a time to let go of the struggle, and surrender to what is. Stop trying to fight it when things don’t go as planned. Trust that whatever is going on that’s out of your control, it’s meant to be! 

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