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    Surrender to bliss today with the Full Moon in Libra 🌸

    Surrender to bliss today with the Full Moon in Libra 🌸

    Today’s Full Moon in air sign Libra is luxuriating in the sweet, juicy abundance of springtime, blooming in the Northern Hemisphere. Today's full moon in Libra corresponds to the new moon in Libra on October 5, 2021. 

    Following the longer lunar cycle to track your intentions is a powerful practice that weaves together the wheel of the zodiac with the seasons of the year. La Luna’s monthly dance with Earth and Sun is what weaves it all together! 

    Night and day, new moon and full moon, winter and summer - these are the polarities that bring a natural rhythm to our lives on earth. Today, spring holds the balance between winter and summer, and Mother Nature expresses her love of life with flowers and rainbows. 

    This Libra full moon is an invitation to surrender to beauty and balance - give in to the sensory delights of your magical life! The tastes of your favorite foods and drinks, the smell of flowers and rain on the earth, the feel of soft fabric or a cool breeze on your skin. Listen to beautiful music and birdsong to remind you it’s a celebration just to be alive! All nature is celebrating right now, in this dance. 

    Here are some full moon journal prompts, to help you celebrate and integrate ALL the gifts of this lunar cycle. Let journaling be a part of your full moon ritual, choosing whichever prompts resonate with you:

    🌸 What intention or seeds did you plant for the new moon in Libra on October 5, 2021?

    🌸 In what ways have your intentions blossomed? What are you ready to celebrate?

    🌸 What are you feeling grateful for? What’s been most supportive of your intention? 

    🌸 In what ways do you feel stuck or unfulfilled regarding this intention? What’s holding you back? 

    🌸 What judgements do you hold around your journey with this intention over the past 6 moons? 

    🌸 What learning and growth have you experienced in relation to this intention? 

    🌸 How has your intention shifted? What do you want now, and why is that important to you? 

    🌸 What are you ready to let go of to allow for what you desire now? What’s no longer serving you? 

    Breathe deep. Take a walk in nature. Drink yummy tea. Smudge your space and clear the energy with sound. Bathe in salt water. Release! Allow gratitude, grace and acceptance to wash over you like water, and trust that everything in life is happening for you, not to you. 

    Blessings on your full moon journey! 


    Lauren Ruth