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    The Full Moon in Sagittarius holds the keys to your summer...

    The Full Moon in Sagittarius holds the keys to your summer...

    Today’s full moon in fire-sign Sagittarius signals the summer solstice is near - we’re only one week away from the longest day of the year, the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere!

    Summer Solstice corresponds to Winter Solstice, and is the opposite side of the year. What visions from the fertile darkness of Winter Solstice have grown and blossomed in your year? 

    This Full Moon in Sagittarius corresponds to the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 4, 2021. What seeds of intention did you plant then? What visions for the new year did you hold? 

    Want to add some journaling to your sagittarius full moon ritual? Here are my full moon journal prompts for you. As always, answer the questions that resonate with you, and leave the rest. 

    ☀️ What intention or seeds did I plant for the new moon in Saggitarius on December 4, 2021? 

    ☀️ In what ways have my intentions blossomed? What am I ready to celebrate?

    ☀️ What am I feeling grateful for? What’s been most supportive of my intention? 

    ☀️ In what ways do I feel stuck or unfulfilled regarding this intention? What’s holding me back? 

    ☀️ What judgements do I hold around my journey with this intention over the past 6 moons? 

    ☀️ What kind of learning and growth have I experienced in relation to this intention? 

    ☀️ How has my intention shifted? What do I want now, and why is that important to me? 

    ☀️ What am I ready to let go of to allow for what I truly desire? What’s no longer serving me? 

    Full moons can feel intense - just notice the energy and emotions that come up, let it all flow through you into the earth, and give yourself time and space to integrate all that in your body.

    And don’t forget to celebrate! Summer Solstice is a time of magic just like Winter Solstice is, but instead of feeling into the darkness and planting our seeds, at summer solstice we bask in the sunshine and revel in the growth of the seeds that we planted in darkness of winter. 


    Lauren Ruth