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    Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse

    Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse

    Today’s New Moon in earthy Taurus marks the first eclipse of the year, continuing an eclipse series that began November 19, 2021. What chapter of your life came to a close in the late fall of 2021? What new chapter in your life can you feel emerging this spring? 

    Eclipses are unique and powerful variations in the cosmic dance between Sun, Moon and Earth. They’re always magical, often intense, and can bring profound changes to our inner and outer experience. Eclipses tend to be  turning points in the road of life. 

    Lunar and solar eclipses only occur on a New or Full Moon, and they always happen back to back. Lunar eclipses occur on a Full Moon, when the earth moves between the Moon and Sun. Solar eclipses occur on a New Moon, when the Moon lines up in the direct path between Earth and Sun. These events happen every 6ish months, and 2-3 eclipses in a row are referred to as an “eclipse season.”

    Eclipse series occur on opposite sides of the zodiac, for example in Taurus and Scorpio, who are direct reflections of each other’s medicine. The opposite signs are referred to as the “axis” of the eclipses, and once an eclipse series has begun, it continues on that same axis for up to 2 years, sometimes overlapping with the zodiac axis that comes before or after it. This Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series began November 19, 2021 and will continue thru October 28, 2023. 

    The astrological axis of an eclipse series mirrors the axis of the North and South nodes of the moon, which represent karma and destiny. You can find your personal north and south nodes in your birth chart. Exploring your birth chart to find which houses Taurus and Scorpio rule can also help you explore these eclipses' meaning for you personally. 

    The important thing to remember is that eclipse season is a powerful portal, and while it can feel intense, all that occurs is meant to serve you. So, what should you do during an eclipse? Meditate, chant, and release your inner narratives and stories. Open up to guidance from the universe - it may come in unexpected forms, but it can help you fulfill your density in this lifetime.


    Eclipses, like regular lunar cycles and the seasons of the year, are a dance of death and re-birth. Consider this your opportunity to re-invent yourself in any way you wish to! Let the past die back, and integrate the lessons and healing into your being as nourishment for your present and future self. 

    When it comes to setting New Moon intentions, I recommend waiting a few days after the eclipse has passed, to make space for any big shifts. If you feel called to journal, here are some prompts to guide you. As with everything, do what calls to you and leave the rest: 

    ✨ Is there anything that happened in the past that you’re still feeling stuck, hurt or angry about? 

    ✨ Are there any feelings or needs that long to be seen, heard and understood by you now? 

    ✨ Where do these feelings live in your body? How can you hold them with compassion? 

    ✨ Are there any stories, beliefs, expectations, or patterns that you’re ready to let go of?

    ✨ Is there anyone or anything you’re ready to forgive? What do you need to forgive? 

    OK, now it’s time to integrate. Take sweet care of yourself! Take a bath, go for a walk, talk to a friend or have a good cry. Burn the paper you wrote on. Whatever helps you process and let go.


    Just remember - your inner world creates your outer reality. Take the time to go deep, and your healing work will support you to create whatever your heart desires from a place of clarity and self-love. 

    Blessings on your New Moon Meditation, lovely! 


    Lauren Ruth