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    Welcome to the year of the Water Tiger!

    Welcome to the year of the Water Tiger!

    New Year, new you! Today’s new moon in Aquarius marks the Lunar New Year - the year of the Tiger. It's also a halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. This lunar cycle is all about welcoming in positive new energy for the new year, and getting ready for the upcoming spring! 


    The new moon is a time to let go of what no longer serves you and get clear about what you truly desire. If there’s anything from the past year or the past month that is holding you back, now is the time to forgive, accept, and let go of the past, so you can create the future you want! 


    Here are some journal prompts to help you get the most from this new moon & Lunar New Year. 

    Start by embracing the fertile darkness of this time, and letting go of old, stuck energy.

    🌀 Is there anything that happened in the past that you’re still feeling stuck, hurt or angry about? 


    🌀 Are there any feelings or needs that long to be seen, heard and understood by you now? 


    🌀 Where do these feelings live in your body? How can you hold them with compassion? 


    🌀 Are you ready to forgive yourself, or any other people involved? What do you need to forgive?


    🌀 Are there any stories, beliefs, expectations, or patterns that you are ready to let go of?


    As you write these down, you may want to burn some sage or even safely burn the paper you have written this on. Breathe deeply, and really let yourself feel the feelings. Take a bath, go for a walk, talk to a friend or have a good cry. Whatever helps you to process, integrate and let it all go. 


    This new moon in Aquarius corresponds with the full moon in Aquarius on August 11, 2022. New moon intentions will come to fullness over the next 6 moons in the larger lunar cycle. Now that you’ve let got of the past, you’ve created space inside yourself for something new to grow...


    🌀 What is it you truly desire to create or experience? What are you calling in now? (Notice any tendencies to call in what you think you *should* want, or just choosing from what’s available. Give yourself permission to explore your desires, even if it seems impossible to you) 


    🌀 Imagine you can wave a magic wand and create your ideal life 6 months from now - what does your life look like? How do you feel? What stands out to you? How are you different? 


    🌀 What is the new story you want to tell yourself, that will help you to create this vision? 


    🌀 What is the one thing that will help you the most in creating this vision of your life? 


    Turn that one thing into an intention for yourself. Create an I AM or I CHOOSE statement for it.


    Now write the I AM or I CHOOSE intention statement down and put it somewhere you will see it every day - on your altar, your bathroom mirror or fridge, etc. You can also use an image that symbolizes the feeling behind your intention. Every day this moon cycle, energize your intention and imagine how good it will feel when you are experiencing your desire manifested in reality. 

    Wishing you grace and magic for this new lunar cycle, and the fulfillment of all your deepest desires.

    Lauren Ruth 

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