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    My Story

    Hi! I’m Lauren Ruth, an Herbalist and Health Coach for women. 

    Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I developed my love of nature at an early age. The seasons and cycles of the natural world inspire me to embrace my own cycles of change and growth. Even as a little girl, when I looked at the full moon in the starry night sky, I knew that the moon cycles would have a profound impact on my life. 

    I started exploring magic, herbalism, and astrology in my late teens, around the same time I learned to chart my natural fertility cycles. I found it extremely helpful to plan life around my menstrual cycle, and I always wanted to keep track of the new and full moons. But, I found I was juggling different calendars for different reasons, and I would often over-schedule myself or miss important dates. I wanted to see the whole year in one place, with the moon phases, and have room to write. But I knew what I wanted in a calendar didn’t exist yet…

    One night, I dreamt I was looking at the lunar calendar I’d made on the wall of my teacher’s house - it was a year at a glance poster, like the one I bought at the office store. But it was pretty and soft to look at, with moon phases in the background for every day of the year. I woke up knowing how to create the calendar I wanted for myself, to keep track of my plans alongside the cycles of the season and the new and full moons. Not to mention keeping tabs of when my period is due and planning around it! And so, LunaRhythms was born! 

    How do I use LunaRhythms yearly planner? It’s simple - I write on it! And if my plans change, I erase it and I start over. I use it to keep track of important dates that are months out like birthdays, camping trips, concerts, vacations, and family reunions. I write down all the important due dates and deadlines that I don’t want to miss! And most importantly, I avoid making big plans when I’ll be on my period, so I try to keep from over-scheduling myself and I avoid burnout.

    Why? Because I believe that life is easier and more fulfilling when we work with the cycles of nature, instead of against them. We all have cycles within and around us all the time… night and day, winter and summer, energized and exhausted, and everything in between. As women we move from maiden to mother to crone over our lifetime, and our menstrual cycles are a huge factor in how we feel each day. 

    Fighting with the cycles of nature is like trying to control the tides of the ocean - it’s just not gonna work! Like the waters of the ocean, your body also ebbs and flows with the phases of the moon. When you follow the moon phases and use a lunar calendar, you start to notice the patterns in your life, the way that you feel at the new moon and the full moon. So, why not work with the cycles of nature? Let the power of the moon amplify your natural energy and intentions!

    Are you ready to take the next step? 

    If you’re new to moon magic, start with this free moon phase chart - you can download it and print it to get started. Also, be sure to grab the free new and full moon journal prompts I made just for you! 

    Ready to start planning your days by the moon phases? 

    Check out our year at a glance lunar calendar - we have two different sizes and time zones, click here to see which one is right for you!