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    Q: What type of Lunar Calendar is LunaRhythms?

    A: LunaRhythms currently offers a Year at a Glance Wall Calendar.  Think of it like the sweet spot between a big year at a glance planner from the office supply store, and your favorite annual moon calendar. 


    Q: Who designed this new type of lunar calendar?

    A: Well, I’m so glad you asked! 😊 LunaRhythms is an original design created in 2016 by yours truly, Lauren Ruth. After seeing the design in a dream, I decided it would be a great calendar to have on my wall, and I brought the vision to life with the help of Jennifer Barbato. 


    Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

    A: Shipping times vary based on your location. You should expect to receive your order within 6-10 business days. We’ll send you an email with tracking information, so you can look forward to delivery! 


    Q: What if I want to return this product? 

    A: We hope that you love your new LunaRhythms Calendar! If you’re not happy with it, we will accept returns that are in original, sellable condition as long as you ship it to us within 14 days of receiving it. For orders that arrive damaged from shipment please contact us, we’re happy to offer you an exchange for your damaged product. 


    Q: Does this calendar contain astrological information? 

    A: Yes, it does! LunaRhythms calendar provides astrological moon signs for each day of the year. Eclipse astrology signs are included as well as exact time and date of the eclipse, and where it’s visible. 


    Q: What type of astrology is used to make LunaRhythms?

    A: We use the Tropical zodiac, but love Vedic astrology, too! 


    Q: Can I use this calendar as a form of natural birth control? 

    A: Honestly, I don’t recommend it. I do recommend you learn about Fertility Awareness methods if you’re looking for a safe and natural birth control. I’ve used the Sympto-thermal method for over 15 years, and I love it! Check out the resources page for more info on FAM. 


    Q: Can I use this calendar to predict or plan around my periods? 

    A: Yes, absolutely! Depending on how regular your cycles are, it can be a really helpful way to plan for when your next period will start. It’s also a great way to notice patterns in your cycle and to build a deeper relationship with the cycles of the moon and your own body.