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    2022 Year at a Glance Lunar Wall Calendar - UTC timezone (18x24")

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    If you’re looking for a beautiful, functional wall planner that will help you take your life to the next level, LunaRhythms is here to help you create the healthy, balanced life that you want...
    ~ Want to keep track of your plans for the entire year?
    ~ Looking for a way to get to know your body’s cycles?
    ~ Wishing you felt more connected to the natural world?
    LunaRhythms 2022 year at a glance planner is more than just a calendar, it's a way of life! This inspiring wall art is here to help you create a life in luminous cycles. It shows the entire year in one place, with each week starting on Monday.
    Plan your life around the cycles of nature, your body AND your daily life - all in one organized place!
    Each day of the year shows the moon phases in the background, with plenty of room to write (and erase!) New & full moon times and equinox & solstice dates are built right into the planner.
    Whether you follow the moon phases to celebrate lunar holidays, you want to understand your fertility for holistic health or family planning, or you just enjoy feeling connected to the cycles of nature, this lunar calendar will be a lovely addition to the walls of your home or office.
    This 18” x 24” LunaRhythms Lunar Wall Calendar features:
    *Year at a glance style
    *Archival quality paper
    *Matte finish, use pen or pencil
    *Pencil marks can be erased!
    * 3/4” square for each date
    *Moon phase for each day
    *Precise Full & New Moon times
    *Includes Solstices & Equinoxes
    *Monday start for each week
    *12-Month format: Jan - Dec
    *Wave & Starburst background
    *Grey tones fit with any decor!
    New and Full moon times are in PST - please convert to your time zone for exact new and full moon times! Solstices and Equinoxes for the year are marked clearly on the dates they occur.
    Are you ready to create a life that you’re excited to wake up to everyday? Don’t just wait for good things to happen - PLAN for your dreams to come true!
    Try LunaRhythms yearly planner for 2022 and see how following the cycles of nature can help you embrace your own true nature, and live your best life....