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    2022 Year at a Glance Lunar Wall Calendar

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    Stay on top of your schedule for the year, without losing touch of the magic in your life 

    LunaRhythms 2022 Year at a Glance Wall Calendar includes:

    • Exact New & Full Moon times 
    • Moon astrological signs
    • Lunar & Solar Eclipses 
    • Solstices & Equinoxes 

    All marked simply and subtly alongside your plans for the year. 


    • Planning for a moon ritual, a personal reset, or just curious? You’ll always know the exact times of the new & full moons. 
    • Keep track of your body’s cycles alongside the cycles of the moon, and deepen your relationship with your own body.
    • Plan around your fertility cycle so you can harness your feminine power and listen more fully to your intuition. 
    • See your plans for the year in one place - never forget about an upcoming deadline or a friend’s birthday again! 
    • Monday start helps keep your plans for Saturdays and Sundays together, in one place on your calendar. 
    • Plenty of room to write in each day of the year, with a matte finish that allows you to write and erase as plans change. 

    Choose between two sizes to find the right fit for your space. 

    How much room do you need to write in each day? 

    The 18” x 24” size gives you a ¾” square to each day 

    The 24” x 36” size gives you a 1” square for each day

    Which timezone is best for you? We currently offer two versions: Pacific Stand Time (PST) and Universal Standard Time (UTC) 

    Don’t live in either of those time zones? Get the one closest to you and change exact times to match your timezone using simple math. 

    2022 is right around the corner! Get your LunaRhythms Calendar now and start planning your life by the light of the Moon 🌙